One Day at a Time

Gaining Some Independence 

It’s feels like ages since I last posted but I just wanted to write about some of the progress I’ve been making lately, because sometimes other people don’t understand what a big thing it is pushing yourself to go out of your comfort zone.  Continue reading “Gaining Some Independence “


Don’t Let Your Anxiety Win

I know I haven’t posted in a while but I have been probably the busiest I have ever been in my life! It’s currently the summer holidays so I’m not at school, which would normally mean 6 weeks of staying home and watching TV, but this year has been different.  Continue reading “Don’t Let Your Anxiety Win”

You Are Not a Failure

Earlier in the year I was planning to go to university in September – I had written my personal statement, completed my application and sent it off. Continue reading “You Are Not a Failure”

Just a Quick Update

Just a quick post to say, I have an Instagram account dedicated to this blog! At the moment I only share updates about when I post but in the future I might start posting other things! Continue reading “Just a Quick Update”

Communicating With Autism

I thought I’d write a bit about what it’s like communicating with people when you are on the autistic spectrum, because I always find it hard to express how difficult it is communicating with others, and I thought writing it down might help! Continue reading “Communicating With Autism”

Celebrating Those Little Acheivements 

When you have anxiety or depression or any mental illness, even the smallest tasks can seem impossible. It’s easy to get into a place of doubting yourself and thinking that you’re not capable of anything. Continue reading “Celebrating Those Little Acheivements “

Don’t Be Afraid To Speak Up

I have suffered with anxiety for as long as I can remember but within the past few years it’s gotten a lot harder to deal with and I have been struggling to cope. Continue reading “Don’t Be Afraid To Speak Up”

My First Post

I have never written a blog before but I recently got the idea from a friend to start writing one, so this is my attempt at a first post! Continue reading “My First Post”

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